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Hongyu Wu

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    P3.03 - Biology (Not CME Accredited Session) (ID 969)

    • Event: WCLC 2018
    • Type: Poster Viewing in the Exhibit Hall
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    • Coordinates: 9/26/2018, 12:00 - 13:30, Exhibit Hall
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      P3.03-30 - Clinical Significance of Urothelial Carcinoma Associated 1 in Lung Cancer (ID 13242)

      12:00 - 13:30  |  Presenting Author(s): Hongyu Wu

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      Lung cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Long non-coding RNAs have been documented aberrantly expressed and exerted crucial role in variety of cancers. Urothelial carcinoma associated 1 (UCA1) is a potential new type of biomarkers for tumor diagnosis and exerts oncogenic effect on various human cancers. In previous work of our lab, we demonstrated that UCA1 exerts oncogenes activity in lung cancer, acting mechanistically by up-regulating HMGB1 expression through ‘sponging’ miR-193a. However, the contributions of this pathway in lung cancer remain largely unknown.

      a9ded1e5ce5d75814730bb4caaf49419 Method

      In this study, we sought to dissect the role of UCA1/miR-193a/HMGB1 pathway in progression of lung cancer. Firstly, we detected the expression profile of UCA1/miR-193a/ HMGB1 pathway in 50 pairs of lung cancer and adjacent normal tissues and meanwhile, plas­ma samples from 50 healthy controls, 50 lung cancer patients before and after tumor removal.

      4c3880bb027f159e801041b1021e88e8 Result

      We found that UCA1 and HMGB1 were up-regulated and miR-193a down-regulated in cancer sample from tissues and plasma. Then, the relationships between UCA1/miR-193a/ HMGB1 pathway and clinical features and overall survival were analyzed. The results demonstrated that high expression of UCA1, HMGB1 and low expression of miR-193a were associated with LMN, higher pT category, advanced TNM stages (P < 0.01) and worse survival time than those with low expression of UCA1, HMGB1 and high expression of miR-193a (P = 0.038). Furthermore, plasma levels of UCA1 and HMGB1 in lung cancer patients were significantly higher than those of controls (P = 0.017). In addition, we displayed the significant difference in plasma level of UCA1, miR-193a and HMGB1 between samples taken before and after surgery (P = 0.048).

      8eea62084ca7e541d918e823422bd82e Conclusion

      The expression profile of UCA1/miR-193a/ HMGB1 pathway is related to prognosis in lung cancer and served as a potential biomarker for early diagnosis and dis­ease monitoring of lung cancer patients.