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Simone Scagnoli

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    P1.15 - Treatment in the Real World - Support, Survivorship, Systems Research (Not CME Accredited Session) (ID 947)

    • Event: WCLC 2018
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    • Coordinates: 9/24/2018, 16:45 - 18:00, Exhibit Hall
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      P1.15-01 - Radiotherapy (RT) and Nivolumab in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Multicenter Real-Life Experience (ID 12194)

      16:45 - 18:00  |  Author(s): Simone Scagnoli

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      The combination of RT and programmed death 1 (PD-1) inhibitors seems augment antitumor immune responses. The aim of this study was to assess the outcome of patients (pts) with NSCLC previously undergone to RT before receiving nivolumab, a PD-1 inhibitor

      a9ded1e5ce5d75814730bb4caaf49419 Method

      We conducted an observational, retrospective analysis of 95 consecutive pts with advanced NSCLC who received any RT within 10 months prior nivolumab, as clinically indicated, at seven Italian institutions. Tumor response to treatment was defined according to RECIST criteria version 1.1. Median overall survival (OS) and the 95% confidence interval (CI) were estimated with the Kaplan -Meier method.

      4c3880bb027f159e801041b1021e88e8 Result

      95 pts (median age 66 years [range 41-82]; male:63.2%) with advanced NSCLC (adenocarcinoma [adc]:66.3%; squamous cells [sqc]:33.7%) were treated with nivolumab after RT. Median OS was 11.9 months (mo) [95% CI, 6.6-17.2 (adc: 13.0 mo [95% CI,6.7-19.3], sqc 10.5 mo [95%CI,3.9-17.1]). Median progression free survival (PFS) was 6.3mo [95% CI,4.6-8.0] (adc: 6.4 mo[ 95% CI,4.5-8.3]; sqc: 3.7 mo [95% CI,0.0-8.3]). A better performance status (PS) according to ECOG scale was associated with an improved OS (PS 0[38 pts]: 17.9 mo [95% CI,12.3-23.5; p<0.0001]; PS1[50pts]: 6.9 mo [95%CI,3.2-10.6]; PS2[7pts]: 4.4 mo [95% CI,3.9-4.9]). Median OS in 70 pts who received ≤ 1 previous systemic therapy was 13.0 mo [95% CI, 10.4-15.6] and in 25 pts who received ≥2 prior lines was 7.4 mo [95% CI, 1.8-12.9]. Median OS in 69 pts (72.6%) receiving extracranical RT was 12.0 mo [95%CI,6.6-17.4] and in 26 (27.4%) pts with cranial RT was 11.7 mo [95%CI,NE]; p=0.31. Median OS was shorter in 36 pts receiving bone-RT [7.3 mo; 95% CI, (0-15.3)] when compared with 59 pts receiving extra-bone RT [14.4 mo; 95% CI, (10.3-18.5); p=0.007]. Median OS in 68 pts aged < 70 years was 11.9 mo [95% CI,6.5-17.3] and in 27 elderly (≥ 70 years) was 12.0 mo [95% CI, 3.8-20.1]. 1 (1.0%) complete response, 25(26.3%) partial response, 28(29.5%) stable disease and 41 (43.2%) progressive disease have been observed.

      8eea62084ca7e541d918e823422bd82e Conclusion

      This study shows that combining irradiation with nivolumab for the treatment of advanced NSCLC leads to improve OS and promote tumor control both locally and distantly.This potentially synergistic effect was comparable among pts regardless previous lines of therapy, histology, type of RT and age.


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