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Reza Kurniawan Tanuwihardja

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    P1.01 - Advanced NSCLC (ID 757)

    • Event: WCLC 2017
    • Type: Poster Session with Presenters Present
    • Track: Advanced NSCLC
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      P1.01-049 - Conformity of EGFR Mutation Status Between Blood Plasma and Tumor Tissue Samples Among NSCLC Adenocarcinoma Patients, at Dr. H. A. Rotinsulu Lung Hospital. A Preliminary Study (ID 7960)

      09:30 - 16:00  |  Presenting Author(s): Reza Kurniawan Tanuwihardja

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      Lung cancer: the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide About 85% of lung cancers are NSCLC with Adenocarcinoma in predominance EGFR-TKI became a current standard of care in adenocarcinoma, requires EGFR mutation test Biopsy needed to obtain tumor tissue for EGFR mutation test, with a failure rate of about 10-50% due to inadequate tumor tissue Blood plasma which contains circulating-free tumor DNA might be used as alternative DNA source for the EGFR mutation test To conduct a preliminary study to see the suitability between EGFR mutation examination in plasma samples with samples of tumor tissue (biopsy or cytology)

      Design: descriptive cross sectional Subject: 10 Patients; Naive NSCLC adenocarcinoma patients (>18 y.o.) at dr. H. A. Rotinsulu Lung Hospital, Bandung Indonesia Examination: Kalgen Laboratory Jakarta-Indonesia and Prodia Diagnostic Molecular Laboratory Jakarta-Indonesia, using therascreen EGFR Kit Analyzed descriptively by comparing EGFR mutation from plasma sample with tumor or cytology tissue, calculated the conformity in percentage


      EGFR mutation test result between tumor tissue samples and blood plasma samples
      EGFR mutation status of blood plasma samples EGFR mutation status of tumor tissue samples
      Exon 19del L858R T790M No Mutation detected Inadequate sample
      Exon 19del 2
      L858R 1
      T790M 1
      No mutation detected 5 1
      Success rate: Plasma 100%, tissue 80% Mutation detected: Plasma 40%, tissue 20% No mutation detected: Plasma 50%, tissue 60% concordance of tumor tissue samples with blood plasma samples
      Blood plasma samples Tumor tissue samples
      No mutation detected Mutation detected Inadequate sample
      No mutation detected 5 0 1
      Mutation detected 1 2 1
      Conformity result: 70%

      This study has met the primary objective with conformity of 70% Needs further study with bigger population and design, although this study showed some trends favoring blood plasma samples

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