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Yichao Shen

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    JCSE01 - Joint IASLC-CSCO-CAALC Session (ID 63)

    • Event: WCLC 2019
    • Type: Joint IASLC-CSCO-CAALC Session
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      JCSE01.17 - Modelling the Immunosuppressive Difference of SBRT and CRT by Simulating the Dose to Circulating Lymphocytes in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (ID 3431)

      07:00 - 11:15  |  Author(s): Yichao Shen

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      Radiation-dose delivered to circulating lymphocyte (CL) has detrimental effect on immune system for cancer patients. Our study established a model to compare the cumulative dose on CL of patients with conventional fractionation radiotherapy (CRT) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) in lung cancer with different target volume.

      The improved model is based on convolution algorithm suggested by Yovino(Cancer Investigation, 2013). The current blood DVHs of each organ were multiplied with treatment field DVH to generate original DVHs. During one second, 0.6% of whole-body blood circulates through each organ and rest body according to blood circulating pattern and then new DVHs of organ were generated. The new DVHs would be used for next second’s calculation with treatment field DVH. Conventional fractionated non-small cell lung cancer plan 60Gy (30 fractions*2.0Gy) and SBRT plan 50Gy (5fractions*10Gy) are constructed for three patients with different target volumes. The primary endpoint is peak cumulative blood dose (PCBC).

      PCBC of three patients with CRT and SBRT were calculated as Figure 1. PCBC with CRT to circulating lymphocyte (CL) were 2.5Gy, 5.6Gy, 9.5Gy in PTV-volume 17cm3, 33cm3, 120cm3, respectively. And PCBC with SBRT to circulating lymphocyte (CL) were 2.1Gy, 2.9Gy, 6.0Gy in PTV-volume 17cm3, 33cm3, 120cm3, respectively. PCBC gap of SBRT to circulating lymphocyte (CL) was decreased 0.4Gy, 2.7Gy, 3.5Gy in PTV-volume 17cm3, 33cm3, 120cm3, respectively.

      An improved simulation-model was established, SBRT, compared to CRT, will lead to decreased cumulative dose on CL, which may cause less impact on immune system with the enlargement of PTV-volume.

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