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Tao Zou

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    IBS05 - Lung Cancer Genetics to Beat Lung Cancer (Ticketed Session) (ID 36)

    • Event: WCLC 2019
    • Type: Interactive Breakfast Session
    • Track: Biology
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      IBS05.02 - Functional Genomic Approaches to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets in Lung Cancer (Now Available) (ID 3329)

      07:00 - 08:00  |  Presenting Author(s): Tao Zou

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      Despite the discovery and availability of targeted therapies and immunotherapies, lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Importantly, most lung cancer patients are not eligible for targeted therapies because their tumors lack an actionable genomic alteration. Moreover, immunotherapy-based regimens fail to induce treatment responses in a substantial proportion of lung cancer patients (1-3). Therefore, the identification of novel therapeutic modalities remains critical to improving outcomes in lung cancer care.

      Lung cancer cells may harbor specific genomic or functional alterations that render them vulnerable to particular genetic perturbations (4,5). Discovery of these synthetic lethal interactions may provide opportunities to develop novel classes of therapeutics for this disease. Through systematic analysis of genome-scale loss-of-function datasets (6,7), we identify adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR or ADAR1) as an essential gene for the survival of a subset of lung cancer cell lines (8). ADAR1-dependent cell lines display increased expression of interferon-stimulated genes. Moreover, activation of type I interferon signaling in the context of ADAR1 deficiency can induce cell lethality in non-ADAR1-dependent cell lines. ADAR deletion causes activation of the cytoplasmic double-stranded RNA sensor, protein kinase R (PKR). Disruption of PKR signaling, through inactivation of PKR or overexpression of either a wild-type or catalytically inactive mutant version of ADAR1, partially rescues cell lethality after ADAR1 loss, suggesting that both catalytic and non-enzymatic functions of ADAR1 may contribute to preventing PKR-mediated cell lethality. Taken together, these data nominate ADAR1 as a potential therapeutic target in lung cancers displaying elevated interferon-stimulated gene expression and underscore the ability of functional genomic approaches to uncover novel genetic vulnerabilities in lung cancer.


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