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Lisbeth Patricia Ramirez

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    EP1.01 - Advanced NSCLC (ID 150)

    • Event: WCLC 2019
    • Type: E-Poster Viewing in the Exhibit Hall
    • Track: Advanced NSCLC
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    • Coordinates: 9/08/2019, 08:00 - 18:00, Exhibit Hall
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      EP1.01-26 - Non-Small Cellular Pulmon Cancer ALK Positive in Pediatrics (Now Available) (ID 506)

      08:00 - 18:00  |  Author(s): Lisbeth Patricia Ramirez

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      For 2018 the American Cáncer Society reports 234.030 new cases of lung cáncer, 154.050 people will die from this cause, the average age of diagnosis is approximately 70 years old. Lung cáncer in children and adolescents is extremely rare, in Colombia the incidence in children under 18 is less than 1%. The 85% of lung cancers are classified as non-small cell lung cáncer, there are recent advances in treatment with Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitors Crizotinib, Alectinib, Brigatinib for non-small cell lung cáncer ALK positive. This case report is from a 14-year-old adolescent patient treated in our institution with an ALK inhibitor.

      ALK disease is 3% to 5% of all non-cell lung cancers small adenocarcinoma type, more frequent in young people, women, nonsmokers, and with advanced disease.


      Case report and literature review.


      Male patient 14 years with respiratory symptoms productive cough. Tomography computed tomography: injury to the middle lobe and right lower lobe, biopsy: Adenocarcinoma poorly differentiated, immunohistochemistry: positive for cytokeratin 7, napsin-a, MUC-1, CK1E1 / AE3 positive and transcription factor -1 (TTF-1) and cytokeratin 20 negative, EGFR-KRAS wild type, ALK (EML-4 with clone D5F3) positive. Treatment was started with Crizotinib 250mg every 12 hours, obtaining partial response and with PFS of 36 months, gastrointestinal toxicity, hematological I grade.


      We report the experience of a case with excellent tolerability to an inhibitor of ALK, and its clinical benefit, (partial response and stable disease). Patients under 18 years, are excluded in most clinical trials and can benefit from treatment, increase in progression-free survival, overall survival, avoiding the toxicity of chemotherapy.

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