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Van Tu Dao

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    EP1.01 - Advanced NSCLC (ID 150)

    • Event: WCLC 2019
    • Type: E-Poster Viewing in the Exhibit Hall
    • Track: Advanced NSCLC
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    • Coordinates: 9/08/2019, 08:00 - 18:00, Exhibit Hall
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      EP1.01-16 - Characteristics of Stage III Lung Cancer Patients in the Period 2014-2016 in Vietnam (Now Available) (ID 1231)

      08:00 - 18:00  |  Author(s): Van Tu Dao

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      Despite lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality around the world, data and impact on health systems related to characteristics of the diseases is not fully understood in developing countries. The study aims to describe and evaluate the characteristics stage III lung cancer patients in Vietnam.


      Medical records of patient with diagnosis of stage III lung cancer hospitalized in the period 2012-2015 in the National Cancer Hospital (Vietnam) were retrospectively analyzed. Patients were followed up about the survival information in April 2019 to identify overall survival (OS) rates. We compared the efficacy of treatments between 2 patient groups: surgery and/or radio-chemotherapy (group 1) and radiotherapy only or chemotherapy only or supportive care only (group 2).


      From a total of 5220 lung cancer patient hospitalized in the National Cancer Hospital over 3-year period, we reviewed 600 original medical records, of which 70 stage III lung cancer patients having valid survival information were identified (11.7%). We found 60 patients with death outcome (85.7%) and median OS and its 95% confidence interval were 9.80 [5.39, 19.70]. Patients were mainly men (54, 77.1%) with mean age (SD) was 65.96 (8.62). We found 14 patients with surgery and/or radio-chemotherapy in group 1 (4 surgery and 10 radio-chemotherapy). In group 2, 34 patients were treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy alone, and 22 patients were provided supportive care only. The estimated 1-year, 3-year and 5-year survival probabilities were 40.7 (30.6 - 54.1) %, 15.5 (08.8 - 27.1)% and 10.3 (04.64 - 22.9)% correspondingly. We estimated 3-year survival probability of patients in group 1 was 34.3 (16.24 - 72.4 %) was higher than group 2 which was 10.6 (4.89 - 23.2)% (p=0.055).


      Our results showed a benefit of surgery and/or radio-chemotherapy treatment on stage III lung cancer patients in Vietnam. Further research is required.



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