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Chrystele Locher

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    MA05 - Update on Clinical Trials and Treatments (ID 123)

    • Event: WCLC 2019
    • Type: Mini Oral Session
    • Track: Mesothelioma
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      MA05.05 - Post-Discontinuation Treatments in IFCT-GFPC-0701 MAPS Trial: Real-World Effectiveness of 2nd-Line (2L) Treatments for Mesothelioma (Now Available) (ID 815)

      13:30 - 15:00  |  Author(s): Chrystele Locher

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      MAPS phase 3 trial assessing the addition of bevacizumab to pemetrexed-cisplatin doublet set a new standard of care in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) patients, showing 18.8 months median overall survival (OS) with triplet combo. While both arms were well balanced in terms of 2L treatments, the size of the OS benefit from second-line treatments remains controversial.


      Long-term survival data were collected in the 342 MAPS patients alive at the end of the first-line (1L) treatments, in both arms. Median OS and 2-year survivals were calculated from the initiation of 2L. Multivariate analysis using Cox model included the stratification variables of the MAPS trial, along with the treatment arm (with or without bevacizumab).


      342/442(77.4%) patients received 2L treatment for disease progression after MAPS trial, of which 324 received chemotherapy (CT), 18 palliative radiotherapy (RT), while 100/442 (22.6%) remained untreated. 160/342 patients (46.8%) had a platinum-based doublet CT. 163 patients (47.7%) received a single-drug CT. 172/324 (53.1%) received a pemetrexed-containing regimen (alone or with platinum), 84 (25.9%) a gemcitabine-based CT, 16 (4.9%) vinorelbin alone, 48 (14.8%) gemcitabine alone, while in 12 (3.7%) single-agent bevacizumab was resumed. Median age was lower in patients with doublet CT (64.4 years, IQR 60.2-68.9) vs. single-drug CT patients (66.3 years, IQR 61.5-70.3), patients receiving RT (68.5 years, IQR 63.3-70.5) or untreated patients (67.8 years, IQR 63.4-71) (p=0.007). There were more PS=2 patients (10%) in the untreated group, compared with 0.6%, 1.8% and 5.6% in those receiving doublet, monotherapy or radiotherapy, respectively (p<0.001). A lower proportion of patients receiving 2L doublet CT had sarcomatoid/biphasic MPM (11.2%) compared with 21.5%, 38.9% and 25% in those with single-arm agent, RT or untreated, respectively (p=0.002). When compared with those treated with 2L single-agent, patients with 2L doublet had more frequently objective response (11.9 vs. 3.1%, p=0.005) and disease control (60.3 vs. 34.6%, p<0.0001). From the date of 2L therapy initiation, median OS was 3.2 months, 95%CI [1.7-5.0] for RT vs. 7.0 months 95%CI[5.6-7.8] for single-agent CT, or 12.2 months 95%CI [9.5-14.1] for doublet CT. HRs were adjusted for 1L treatment type (bevacizumab-containing or not), PS, smoking, and histology. Adj.HR (single-agent vs. doublet) was 1.21, 95% CI(0.96-1.53), p=0.11. Adj.HR (monotherapy vs. RT) was 0.39, 95%CI[0.24-0.65], p=0.0003. Adj.HR (combination CT vs. RT) was 0.32 95%CI[0.19-0.54], p<0.0001. 1-year OS was 11.8%, 95%CI [0.0-27.1], 48.7%, 95%CI [39.9-57.5], and 32.9%, 95%CI [25.1-40.6], in patients with RT alone, single agent CT or combination CT, while 2-year OS was 0%, 14.2%, and 20.0% respectively.


      Second-line monotherapy only gave a 7-months median OS in MPM patients, comparing unfavorably to 11.9 and 15.9-months median OS with 2nd/3rd-line nivolumab or nivolumab+ipilimumab respectively, in the IFCT-1501 MAPS-2 randomized phase 2 trial. Conversely, 2L platinum-based chemo, in younger fit patients, still gave a 12.2-months median OS, not statistically different from monotherapy in the multivariate analysis, as a consequence of PS influence, although clinically meaningful. Based on these results, immunotherapy might be preferred for 2L/3L MPM patients, while monotherapy CT shows limited survival benefit.

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