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Bin Fang

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    OA05 - Clinical Trials in IO (ID 899)

    • Event: WCLC 2018
    • Type: Oral Abstract Session
    • Track: Advanced NSCLC
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    • Coordinates: 9/24/2018, 13:30 - 15:00, Room 106
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      OA05.03 - Safety and Clinical Activity of Adoptive Cell Transfer Using Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) Combined with Nivolumab in NSCLC (ID 14388)

      13:50 - 14:00  |  Author(s): Bin Fang

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      Adoptive transfer of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) can cause durable regression by recognition of neoantigens unique to the patient. NSCLC TIL has synergistic preclinical activity with nivolumab, and we hypothesized it may induce remissions in anti-PD1-refractory patients. We initiated a phase I trial with the primary objective to characterize the safety and preliminary activity of the combination.

      a9ded1e5ce5d75814730bb4caaf49419 Method

      Metastases from patients with Stage 4 NSCLC were resected, morselized, cultured, and tested for autologous reactivity. Reactive TIL fragments were pooled and cryopreserved. Patients received nivolumab over 8 weeks. Patients with progressive disease (PD) proceeded to lymphodepletion cyclophosphamide/fludarabine (Cy/Flu), TIL, and IL-2. Tumor whole exome sequencing, transcriptomics, and LC-MS/MS peptide sequencing was performed. TCR-Vß rearrangements were analyzed from tumor, TIL, and pre-/post-infusion peripheral lymphocytes.

      4c3880bb027f159e801041b1021e88e8 Result

      Of 14 patients enrolled to date, 13 had successful ex vivo TIL expansion from resected metastases. TIL had high proliferative capacity, expanding to median 81 billion CD3+ cells infused per patient (range 27–138 billion) and median 27% of fragments were autologously reactive (range 0-67%). Demographics: median age 54 (range 44-74), median TMB 4 mutations/MB (range 0.9–25), median PD-L1 proportion-score 0% (range 0–100%), and 4 had LKB1 allelic inactivation. Predicted neoantigens correlated with variants on proteomic sequencing. Outcomes: 9 patients had confirmed PD on nivolumab, and proceeded to receive Cy/Flu/TIL/IL-2. No unexpected serious adverse reactions (SUSARs) were identified. Of these 9 patients, 7 had reduction in sum of target lesions at Day+28 CT scan (Figure 1). Peripheral lymphocytes expanded at Days 2-7 in the majority of patients. In patients tested to date, TIL clonotypes persisted through Day+100, and CCR7+CD95+CD45RA+ stem cell-like memory (TSCM) cells were increased at post-infusion timepoints.

      abstract figure.png

      8eea62084ca7e541d918e823422bd82e Conclusion

      Adoptive cell transfer with TIL and nivolumab for NSCLC had acceptable toxicity and preliminary activity in this ongoing trial.


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