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Yuho Maki

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    P3.17 - Treatment of Locoregional Disease - NSCLC (Not CME Accredited Session) (ID 983)

    • Event: WCLC 2018
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    • Coordinates: 9/26/2018, 12:00 - 13:30, Exhibit Hall
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      P3.17-21 - Surgical Treatment for Centrally Located or Hilar Invasive Locally Advanced Lung Cancer. (ID 13533)

      12:00 - 13:30  |  Author(s): Yuho Maki

      • Abstract


      In cases of centrally located or hilar invasive lung cancer(CLHILC), it is quite difficult to decide the treatment strategy whether pneumonectomy, sleeve-lobectomy and/or pulmonary angioplastic procedure, or lobectomy is necessary or not. Especially in the patients with inadequate pulmonary functions, the treatment strategy is hard to be decided. To clarify the surgical outcomes for CLHILC, we retrospectively investigated our experiences in Setouchi Lung Cancer Study Group (SLCG).

      a9ded1e5ce5d75814730bb4caaf49419 Method

      In order to show the clinical results of (CLHILC), we retrospectively investigated the patients’ medical records from January 2010 to December 2011 in SLCG. The definition of CLHILC; clinical tumor size is more than 3cm (T2 or more) and located in main bronchus or lobar orifice, or hilar nodal invasion is shown around lobar bronchial orifice or pulmonary arterial branch without mediastinal nodal metastasis. That is, the simple lobectomy is not easy or inadequate to complete resection for CLHILC.

      4c3880bb027f159e801041b1021e88e8 Result

      Ninety-seven patients’ records were collected, the men were 78, the mean age was 67. Twenty- four cases underwent preoperative treatment (induction chemotherapy in 8, induction chemoradiotherapy in 13, and radiotherapy in 3 cases). Except 1 exploratory thoracotomy cases, the surgical procedure was as following; lobectomy in 37, lobectomy with broncho-vascular plasty in 4, bronchoplasty in 11 and pulmonary angioplasty in 16, bilobectomy in 12, and pneumonectomy in 15 cases. The post-operative complications were occurred in 39 cases (40%), and there were 2 30-days mortal cases. The survival rate was 65% at 3 years and 60% at 5 years. 


      8eea62084ca7e541d918e823422bd82e Conclusion

      We reviewed CLHILC in SLCS Group and showed the surgical procedure variety, the morbidity and survival rate. The pneumonectomy was performed in 15% and the complicated surgical procedure such as broncho-vasucular platy were chosen in 30% with acceptable morbidity and mortality.