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D.L. Francis

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    Poster Display Session (ID 63)

    • Event: ELCC 2017
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    • Coordinates: 5/07/2017, 12:30 - 13:00, Hall 1
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      25P - Tobacco consumption pattern among auto rickshaw drivers in Chennai city, Tamil Nadu, India (ID 310)

      12:30 - 13:00  |  Author(s): D.L. Francis

      • Abstract

      Tobacco use is a major preventable cause of premature death and diseases, currently leading to five million deaths worldwide which are expected to raise over eight million deaths worldwide by 2030. India is the second largest consumer of tobacco in the world. This study is contemplated with an aim to assess the prevalence of tobacco consumption and the associated factors involved in its consumption, as this group of the population is under constant pressure and account for the workforce of the country. So through this study we could be able to know the awareness of ill effect, reasons & amount of consumption.

      Across sectional descriptive study was conducted among Auto Rickshaw Drivers in Chennai City. Auto drivers who were working for more than two years and present on the day of examination and who were willing to participate in the study were included. Cluster random sampling technique was used. 400 samples were selected from 40 auto stands of various parts of Chennai City. Data was collected using a Survey Proforma which comprised of a Questionnaire which can assess the frequency of consumption, age of initiation, the amount of consumption, mental stress, economic factors, any past history of disease and most importantly the awareness towards oral cancer. Age, tobacco consumption pattern, reasons of consumption, amount of consumption, harmful effects of tobacco are the variables.

      Prevalence among auto rickshaw drivers for consumption of tobacco products was very high (87%). Auto rickshaw drivers were mostly used tobacco in the form of Gutkha (72%) and bidi (40%) in comparison to other products. It also shows that they use cheap tobacco products. Most of the auto rickshaw drivers start using tobacco products in age less than 18 years (80%) and associated factors for tobacco use are due to friends and their influence (78%). Awareness level among auto rickshaw driver was high (70%) but still uses tobacco products because of its addiction (66%). In the opinion of auto rickshaw drivers increase in tax may reduce it consumption and the majority of drivers (70%) think that tobacco must be banned.

      Prevalence of tobacco use among auto rickshaw drivers was very high. They are in definite need of tobacco cessation activities.

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