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L. Boyer

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    P1.01 - Poster Session with Presenters Present (ID 453)

    • Event: WCLC 2016
    • Type: Poster Presenters Present
    • Track: Epidemiology/Tobacco Control and Cessation/Prevention
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      P1.01-036 - Lung Cancer Screening Program Is Cost Effective in French Setting: A Model Based Study (ID 5054)

      14:30 - 15:45  |  Author(s): L. Boyer

      • Abstract

      The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) showed that screening with low-dose computed tomography (CT) as compared with chest radiography reduced lung cancer-mortality. There is no data's on the faisability and cost-effectiveness of CT lung cancer screening program in the French setting.

      We estimated mena life-years gaineds, costs and incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) for screening with low-dose CT compare to no screening. Estimations of life-years gained were based on the efficacy of NLST trail applied to the general french population using the same inclusion criteria's that NLST trail (age of 55 to 74 years with a minimum of 30 pack-years of smoking and no more than 15 years since quitting) adjusted to sex, age and smoking status. Costs were limited to directs costs from the payers perspective. We also performed sensitivity analysis based on several asssumptions of program efficacy.

      The target population was 5 551 141 subjects. Compared with no screening, screening with low-dose CT, over a period of 2 years, will have an additional cost of 941 978 €, will provide 52.4 additional year of life with a corresponding ICER of 17 969 € per year gained. Sensititiviy analysis showed that this result is sensitive to program efficacy (number, stage and survival of lung cancer diagnosed by the program) and to subjects compliance rate to the program.

      Cost effectiveness of CT lung cancer screening program in a French population using the same main inclusion criteria and outcomes of NLST trial appears as acceptable from the french health system