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A. Bille

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    MINI 38 - Biology and Prognosis (ID 167)

    • Event: WCLC 2015
    • Type: Mini Oral
    • Track: Thymoma, Mesothelioma and Other Thoracic Malignancies
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      MINI38.08 - Contemporary Analysis of Prognostic Factors in Patients with Unresectable Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) (ID 1745)

      18:30 - 20:00  |  Author(s): A. Bille

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      The CALGB and EORTC have previously developed prognostic scoring systems for patients with MPM, but these included patients managed surgically and predated the use of pemetrexed. We sought to identify prognostic factors in a contemporary cohort of patients with unresectable MPM.

      We retrospectively reviewed the charts of patients with histologically proven MPM managed non-surgically at MSKCC from 2000-2012. Variables analyzed and correlated with overall survival (OS) included: sex, age at diagnosis, smoking history, asbestos exposure, tumor laterality, initial performance status (PS), tumor histology, clinical TNM, initial PET maximum Standardized Uptake Value (SUVmax), hemoglobin level, platelet, lymphocyte and neutrophil counts, treatment type (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy), and response to treatment. OS was analyzed by Kaplan-Meier method, and significance (p<0.05) of prognostic factors was analyzed by log-rank test and Cox regression.

      191 patients met study criteria: median age 71 years (range 46-90), 147 (77%) male, 128 (67%) epithelioid , 20 (10.5%) biphasic, and 28 (14.6%) sarcomatoid. 34 patients were stage I-II at presentation and 157 (82%) stage III-IV. First line chemotherapy included pemetrexed in 159 (90.3%) patients. Median time from diagnosis to treatment was 1.2 months. With a median follow-up of 13.2 months, median OS for all patients was 13.4 months. By univariate analysis, histology (p<0.001), platelet count (≤450 vs. >450, p<0.001), initial PS, maximum PET SUV (> or ≤8.1, p=0.037) were significant. Clinical staging (I/II vs III/IV) did not correlate with OS (p=0.35). By multivariable analyses, only histology, platelet count and PS were independent prognostic factors. 1-year OS was 69% (95%CI 62%-78%) for epithelioid versus 30% (95%CI 15%-59%) and 29% (95%CI 16%-51%) for biphasic and sarcomatoid tumors, respectively. Patients with PS 0-1 had a 1-year OS of 64% (95%CI 56%-73%) versus 42% (95%CI 31%-57%) for PS 2 or greater. Epithelioid histology, PS 0-1 and elevated neutrophil count at diagnosis were significantly associated with response to first line chemotherapy. Patients with response or stable disease after the first two cycles of chemotherapy had significantly better OS, median OS was 16.8 (95% CI 14.8 – 20.1) versus 6.5 (95% CI 5.4-8.5) months (p<0.001). Patients receiving more than one line of chemotherapy had better OS, median OS 14.2 (95% CI 12.1 – 16.8) versus 8.7 (95% CI 6.6 – 11.0 ) months (p=0.013). There was no significant association between use of radiotherapy and OS (p=0.058), but patients who received radiotherapy showed a 1-year OS of 60.5% vs 44.0% of patients who did not receive radiotherapy.

      This analysis in patients with unresectable MPM confirms that some elements of the CALGB and EORTC prognostic scoring systems (platelet count, PS, histology) correlate with OS, and identifies factors (PS, elevated neutrophil count, histology) associated with response to chemotherapy. Our analysis emphasizes the impact of histology and response to first-line chemotherapy on outcomes, but also the lack of predictability with the use of clinical staging.

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