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K. Iino

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    MS 19 - Global Nursing Issues in Lung Cancer (ID 37)

    • Event: WCLC 2015
    • Type: Mini Symposium
    • Track: Nursing and Allied Professionals
    • Presentations: 1
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      MS19.03 - Trends in Oncology Nursing in Japan (ID 1933)

      14:15 - 15:45  |  Author(s): K. Iino

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      I am going to introduce the medical care for cancer and nursing for cancer in Japan. Starting from 1981, cancer claimed 1[st] place of the cause of death, and it currently account for approximately 30% of the cause of death. About 900,000 people are annually affected by the cancer. The per category death rate is in the order of lung cancer in 1[st] place, stomach cancer in 2[nd] place, and colorectal cancer in 3[rd] place. The per category affected subject rate is in the order of stomach cancer in 1[st] place, colorectal cancer in 2[nd] place, and lung cancer in 3[rd] place. As you can see from the above, cancer is a serious health problem for Japanese, and although Japan implemented countermeasure for cancer starting from the 60’s, “Cancer Control Act” was established in 2006, and “Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Program” was also setup to promote such Act. The purpose of the countermeasure is to do the following: 1.Reduce cancer death (Reduce age-adjusted mortality under 75 years, 2.reduction of burden and improvement of quality of life among cancer patients and their families, 3.Buliding a society in which cancer patients can live peacefully. Based on such backdrop, the role of nurses are further increased. To enhance the specialization of nursing for cancer, “Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing” was established in 1987, and it is now celebrating its 30[th] anniversary. This establishment has been supporting activities such as education and research. Nurses with certification such as “Certified Cancer Nurse Specialist” that can be obtained with completion of master’s course at graduate school, and “Certified Nurse” that can be obtained with 600 hours of education for those with over 5 years of nurse experience are taking active role in the fields of Palliative Care, Cancer Chemotherapy Nursing, Cancer Pain Management Nursing, Breast Cancer Nursing, Radiation Therapy Nursing, etc. Such active role is making positive contribution toward the enhancement of specialization in the clinical field. A variety of issues surrounds the medical care for cancer such as being able to correspond to the advancement of medical technology, increase of cancer survivor, and aging of patients. There is much anticipation for the good use of specialization in the cancer-nursing for team medicine to support the life of patient and to respect the decision-making of patient. I would like to introduce these types of initiatives that are specific to the condition surrounding the nursing for cancer and enhancement of specialized nursing in Japan.

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