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M.J. Guarino

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    ORAL 01 - Chemotherapy Developments for Lung Cancer (ID 88)

    • Event: WCLC 2015
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Treatment of Advanced Diseases - NSCLC
    • Presentations: 1
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      ORAL01.02 - Therapy of Advanced Metastatic Lung Cancers with an Anti-Trop-2-SN-38 Antibody-Drug Conjugate, IMMU-132: Interim Phase II Clinical Results (ID 930)

      10:45 - 12:15  |  Author(s): M.J. Guarino

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      Sacituzumab govitecan (IMMU-132) is a new Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) comprising SN-38, the active metabolite of the topoisomerase I inhibitor, camptothecin (irinotecan), conjugated to an anti-Trop-2 humanized antibody at a high drug-antibody ratio (7.6). In vitro and in vivo preclinical data suggest that IMMU-132 delivers up to 136-fold more SN-38 than its parental drug, irinotecan, in a human cancer xenograft. Trop-2 is widely expressed in most epithelial cancers, including non-small and small-cell lung cancers (NSCLC and SCLC).The safety and efficacy of this new ADC is being examined in advanced metastatic lung cancers.

      A Phase II clinical trial (, NCT01631552) is ongoing in subsets of previously-treated patients with metastatic lung cancer, administering IMMU-132 on days 1 and 8 of 21-day treatment cycles. A phase 1 run-in phase selected 8 and 10 mg/kg weekly dosage as safe for tumor cohort phase 2 expansion. Treatment is continued based on tolerance or until progression, with safety and response assessments made every week and 8-12 weeks, respectively.

      Forty-four lung cancer patients were given IMMU-132 doses at 8 mg/kg (N = 23) or 10 mg/kg (N = 21); 38 patients (18 NSCLC and 20 SCLC) are assessable for efficacy. Patients were heavily pretreated (median of 3 prior lines). Objective tumor responses (all partial responses by RECIST1.1) and median progression-free survival (PFS) are reported below per tumor. These studies are being expanded.

      Tumor type Prior lines of therapy: median (range) Objective Response Rate (PR) Median PFS (maturity) in months
      NSCLC (N=18) 3 (1-8) 33% 5.4 (56%)
      SCLC (N=20) 2.5 (1-7) 25% 2.4 (70%)
      IMMU-132 was well tolerated with limited grade 3/4 toxicities above the 3% threshold per patient. Neutropenia was the only Grade 3/4 toxicity (G3, 14%; G4, 7%) together with hyponatremia (G3, 2%; G4, 2%). Other drug-related G3 toxicities included diarrhea (7%), anemia (5%), leukopenia (5%), hyperglycemia (5%) and atrial fibrillation (5%); no patient developed antibodies to the conjugate.

      Repeated cycles of IMMU-132 monotherapy are well tolerated. Objective response rate and progression-free survival data in previously-treated metastatic lung cancer (5.4 months in NSCLC) are encouraging and warrant further evaluation of IMMU-132 in these lung cancers.

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