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Y. Sesumi

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    P1.02 - Poster Session/ Treatment of Localized Disease – NSCLC (ID 209)

    • Event: WCLC 2015
    • Type: Poster
    • Track: Treatment of Localized Disease - NSCLC
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      P1.02-016 - Prevalence of Preoperative DVT in Japanese Patients Who Underwent Thoracic Surgery by Intensive Screeng (ID 3038)

      09:30 - 17:00  |  Author(s): Y. Sesumi

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      Pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) is a well-recognized potentially fatal complication after thoracic surgery. In Japan, PTE had been relatively uncommon. However, it has recently been increasing probably due to changes in lifestyle. Therefore the first guideline for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) were published in February 2004 in Japan. In this guideline, the patients with history of VTE are classified as highest risk group for PTE. Recently, it has been reported that the presence of normal D-dimer levels can exclude acute-phase deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Therefore, in our institution, DVT had been intensively screened by measuring preoperative D-dimer. The objective of this study was to investigate prevalence of preoperative DVT in Japanese patients scheduled for thoracic surgery.

      A total of 276 patients who underwent thoracic surgery from June 2013 through July 2014 in our institution were reviewed. The patients who were deemed high-risk for DVT (those with elevated preoperative D-dimer (≧1.0μg/ml), with past history of thrombosis, or with varicose veins in their lower extremities) were defined as preoperative screening positive. They were examined with venous ultrasonography of lower extremities. Those with DVT underwent contrast-enhanced computed tomographic scan (CT) for PTE.

      Of all patients, only 1 failed to undergo preoperative measurement of D-dimer because of emergency surgery. Among the remaining 275 patients, a total of 113 patients ( 95 with elevated D-dimer, 15 with varicose veins in their lower extremities, one with swelling in his extremities, one with paralyzed inferior limbs, and one with previously diagnosed PTE ) were examined with venous ultrasonography of lower extremities. Of them, 34 patients (12.6%) were diagnosed DVT (Figure 1) Proximal and distal DVT were diagnosed in ten patients ( three with isolated DVT, three with multiple DVT, and four with a wide range of huge clots ) and 24 patients ( 15 with isolated DVT and nine with multiple DVT ) , respectively. Of them, none was diagnosed preoperative PTE. For a peri-operative management, all the patients received unfractionated heparin. In addition, of four patients with a wide range of huge clots, three had prophylactic inferior vena cava filter placed. Of 34 patients, one was diagnosed asymptomatic exacerbation of DVT by ultrasonography one week after surgery, but none developed symptomatic PTE. Figure 1

      This study showed an DVT prevalence of 12.6% in patients undergoing thoracic surgery in Japan. However, none developed symptomatic PTE in the peri-operative period.

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