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M. Alvarez De Mon

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    MO25 - NSCLC - Combined Modality Therapy II (ID 112)

    • Event: WCLC 2013
    • Type: Mini Oral Abstract Session
    • Track: Mesothelioma
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      MO25.01 - Interim analysis of the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (SLCG) randomized phase II trial of thoracic radiotherapy (RT) concurrent with cisplatin (P) plus oral vinorelbine (OV) or etoposide (E) for unresectable locally advanced (LA) stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). (GECP10/02). (ID 2658)

      10:30 - 12:00  |  Author(s): M. Alvarez De Mon

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      Chemoradiation is the standard of care for the treatment of unresectable LA-NSCLC. Cisplatin plus either etoposide or vinorelbine are two of the chemotherapy (CT) regimens widely used for the disease concurrently with radiotherapy. Oral vinorelbine is a formulation which has achieved comparable results to the IV vinorelbine. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of cisplatin when combined with etoposide or oral vinorelbine with radical radiation for the management of stage III NSCLC.

      Patients (pts) between 18 and 75 years, with histologically proven untreated and unresectable LA stage IIIA/IIIB NSCLC, adequate bone marrow, hepatic and renal function, ECOG PS 0-1, were randomized to: Arm OV-P: OV 60 mg/m[2] D1, D8 cycle 1 and 80 mg/m[2] cycle 2 (if no grade 3-4 toxicity) plus P 80 mg/m[2] D1 every 3 weeks for 2 cycles as induction; patients without progression received OV 40 mg/m[2] D1, D8, and P 80 mg/m[2] D1 every 3 weeks for 2 more cycles (4 cycles in total). Arm E-P: E 50 mg/m[2] intravenously D1 to D5 plus P 50 mg/m[2] D1, D8 every 4 weeks for 2 cycles. Both regimens administered with concurrent RT 66 Gy in 6.5 weeks. The primary endpoint was progression free survival using RECIST 1.1, and secondary endpoints were overall response rate, overall survival, and safety profile. To guarantee an overall type-1 α error (one side) no greater than 0.05 and a type II (β) error 0.1 for the primary endpoint of PFS, a sample size of 134 pts allocated in a 1:1 ratio is planned.

      Since August 2011 77 pts have been recruited. 46 pts have been included in the interim analysis, 23 pts have been randomly allocated to each treatment arm. Patient’s characteristics were: Male 91.3%; median age 64 (range 44-75); PS1 56.5%; smokers 46.8%; adenocarcinoma 40.4% / squamous 55.3%; stage IIIA 46.8% / IIIB 53.2%. Median of months between initial diagnosis and study start was 1 (range 0.3-15.7). Safety: 118 cycles (cy) were analysed, 79 in arm OV-P and 39 in arm E-P. Hematological toxicities arms OV-P/E-P (% cy): grade (g) 3/4 neutropenia 8.9%/13.1%; g3 thrombocytopenia 0%/5.3%; g3 anemia 0%/2.6%; febrile neutropenia 3 cases on OV-P arm (all during induction CT on cy 1) and 1 case on E-P arm (during concurrent chemoradiation). Non-hematological toxicities arms OV-P/E-P (% cy): g3 esophagitis/mucositis 1.3%/15.5%; g3 infection without neutropenia 1.3%/5.1%. No treatment-related deaths were reported. There was no remarkable difference in other toxicities between both arms. 39 pts completed the treatment as per protocol, 19 in arm OV-P and 20 in arm E-P. Overall response rates were 73.7% and 50% for the OV-P and the E-P arm, respectively.

      This interim analysis shows that OV-P and E-P when administered concurrently with RT have a manageable safety profile with efficacy. Safety data is consistent with other studies reported for both chemoradiation regimens. Based on these positive results for safety, accrual is ongoing. Clinical trial information EudraCT 2010-022927-31.

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