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T. Mai

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    P1.06 - Poster Session 1 - Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers (ID 161)

    • Event: WCLC 2013
    • Type: Poster Session
    • Track: Biology
    • Presentations: 1
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      P1.06-013 - Detection of Circulating Tumour Cells in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (ID 1492)

      09:30 - 16:30  |  Author(s): T. Mai

      • Abstract

      The aim of the study was to determine whether circulating tumour cells (CTCs) can be detected and whether they provide predictive or prognostic information in a cohort of patients with locally advanced and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

      Participants with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC had blood samples collected and analysed for circulating tumour cells with the CellSearch® platform at baseline, prior to their third cycle of chemotherapy and two weeks following treatment.

      Of thirty-four participants, circulating tumour cells were detected in 15 (44%). Ten out of 19 adenocarcinomas had detectable CTCs. Three of nine squamous cell carcinomas had detectable CTCs. Two of six NSCLC “not otherwise specified” had detectable CTCs. Of the 15 detected CTC cases, 10 were stage IV NSCLC. No significant associations have been seen to date with histology type, stage, performance status, age at diagnosis, gender, history of weight loss at presentation, time to progression or overall survival.

      Circulating tumour cells can be detected in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. These results are intriguing and require further investigation - plans are underway to extend the study to a larger sample size to determine if there is any prognostic or predictive value to circulating tumour cell detection.